About Danny Nguyen

  • Master of Health Administration, La Trobe University
  • Certificate IV in Project Management, Australian Institute of Management
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy, The University of Melbourne


Danny Nguyen is a skilled physiotherapist with more than 15 years of experience treating people with musculoskeletal injuries.

After travelling and working in the UK and US, he returned to Melbourne and was a physio in hospital emergency and outpatient departments, private practice and for an amateur hockey team.

Danny enjoys treating a wide range of general musculoskeletal injuries and has a strong interest in back pain. He believes in the power of combining manual therapy with education and rehabilitation.

Danny promotes active rehabilitation and supporting long-term behavioural changes to achieve lasting health improvements. He enjoys equipping patients with the tools they need to self-manage their pain or conditions.

He has a particular interest in helping patients living with dizziness, has extensive vestibular experience in the hospital system both in Emergency and Outpatients and has completed independent training in the field.

Dizziness and vestibular experience

Danny says that physiotherapists are well-placed to manage physio diziness conditions because they know the various tests and techniques to manage it. Often after a doctor has ruled out any serious pathology with the brain, they refer to physiotherapy to continue the management of the diziness condition.

Danny treated dizzy patients at the Northern Hospital where he saw a steady case load of patients for some years, received specialised training in vestibular disorders and ongoing mentoring from colleagues.

Danny says that patients experiencing a dizzy episode can find it quite traumatic and it’s often something they never forget.

Danny enjoys being able to reassure patients of their vestibular symptoms once they’ve ruled out significant pathology and for some patients who have dizziness symptoms that just linger, he has a toolkit of techniques, manoevers and exercises that can help these patients settle those nagging symptoms.

Hospital emergeny department experience

In the past decade, Danny has worked in the following roles at two of Melbourne’s busiest hospitals:

  • Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Emergency Department.
  • Senior Clinician, Home-Based Therapy.
  • Senior Clinician, Community Rehabilitation.

As a primary contact emergency physio, Danny managed acute back injuries, fractures, dislocations, strains and sprains.

As a senior clinician, Danny also worked with a range of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, with key areas including acute back pain, osteoarthritis, and joint surgeries.

Sports and Pilates experience, and basketballers welcome!

Danny is deeply interested in sports, particularly running and tennis, all of which he has actively participated in. He has many years of experience treating sports-related injuries, such as those from football, netball, and other similar activities.

His young son is a keen basketballer and Danny is building a strong patient list of basketballers, he welcomes basketballers young and old to the clinic!

Additionally, Danny’s focus on spinal pain, particularly back pain, is complemented by his extensive training in Pilates, enabling him to provide comprehensive patient care.

Aged care management

Danny was involved in aged care in the hospital setting, where he worked with patients after they were discharged, both in the clinic and at their homes.

Danny assessed, diagnosed, and treated various musculoskeletal conditions, mobility issues, and physical limitations that arose due to ageing or age-related diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Danny was skilled at setting realistic goals, providing choices, making activity enjoyable and motivating, providing education and involving family and caregivers in treatment options and decisions.

Danny has worked extensively with the Vietnamese community, particularly older adults. He aims to foster active participation in the rehabilitation process among this demographic, moving beyond passive treatments.

Danny looks forward to harnessing his 15-plus years of experience to provide you with exceptional treatment when you visit Pollinate Health. Book an appointment with Danny today.


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