Terms and Conditions

Our Service Commitment to You:

  1. Pollinate Health is committed to providing you with exceptional clinical care and customer service. We also recognise your right to be treated with dignity and respect throughout the consultation and treatment process.

  2. We will always ensure you are aware of your treatment options and have the information you need to make an informed decision as to how you wish to manage and treat your condition or injury. This includes the right to refuse treatment and/or obtaining a second opinion. Your consent to the treatment plan is essential prior to commencing treatment.

  3. Pollinate Health always strives to provide every patient with the best possible care. In the event you are not satisfied with our service, we encourage your feedback as to how we can do better next time.

Your Commitment to Us:

1. Patient Behaviour

We expect you to treat all staff, the clinic, and equipment with respect. The safety of our staff and other patients is really important to us. We will not tolerate threatening or abusive behaviour and reserve the right to refuse further treatment to any person who engages in this type of behaviour or who breaches our policies.

2. Treatment Provider

While we endeavor to ensure you see the physiotherapist or treatment provider of your choice, this may not always be possible due to sick or annual leave, workload management, qualifications and areas of expertise.

3. Appointments

We need you to be on time for your appointments. Should you arrive late for your appointment, your appointment will be shortened accordingly, or may be cancelled. In these circumstances, you will still be charged the full appointment fee.

We also require you to complete our new patient form prior to your first appointment, so you may have to arrive five minutes before your appointment time if you have not completed the form online before you arrive.

We require 24 hours’ notice should you need to cancel your appointment. If you do not provide us with this notice or do not show up for your arranged appointment, we reserve the right to charge you the full appointment fee. This applies to both individual and group bookings.

If you consistently do not turn up for appointments, you may be required to pay for your appointment in advance, at the time of booking.

4. Release of information

It may be necessary for parts of your medical record to be disclosed to other professionals to provide, and progress, your treatment. For example, to your health fund, DVA, third-party insurers such as WorkCover, TAC, to state governments for public contract patients, to our insurer or your local doctor.

It may also be necessary for Pollinate Health to collect information about you from third-party health care providers about your health.

5. Hours of Operation

Our standard hours of operation are Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm. From time to time, we will be closed or offer only limited hours on Wednesday and Saturday.

6. Fees and Discounts

A full list of our fees and discounts is available on our booking page. Fees and discounts are subject to periodic change without notice, so we suggest you check back regularly.

Payment of the full appointment fee is required at the time of your appointment. We accept cash, EFTPOS, and all major credit cards, with the exception of Diners and American Express.

7. Financial Hardship

If you are suffering from financial hardship, you can request special consideration for a reduction in fees in writing. Any such reduction is at our discretion.

8. Private Health

We can normally accept payment from all private health care funds via HICAPS, but you may need to confirm with your insurer in advance.

In the event HICAPS is offline or not working at the time of your appointment, we will still need you to pay your appointment fee at the time of your appointment. We will provide an invoice, so you can make a direct claim with your health care fund.

9. Compensable Services

To have your treatment covered by WorkSafe, TAC, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, the GP Chronic Disease Management Plan/ Team Care Plan or any other compensable service, you will need to advise us before your appointment.

We will need to grant you approval for treatment under the relevant service before your appointment and we may need to receive written approval from a related organisation.

This allows us to ensure you have a current and valid claim, and all the necessary paperwork is completed prior to commencing treatment.

If you do not obtain our prior approval for treatment under the applicable service, you will need to pay the full appointment fee at the time of your appointment, at our private-patient rate.

In the event your appointment or claim is not covered or approved by the applicable service, you will need to pay a full appointment fee.

In certain circumstances, we may request that you pay your appointment fee for your compensable service up front and seek reimbursement from the relevant organisation, for example from your insurer or employer.

If you have a late cancellation or fail to attend an appointment for a compensable service, you will need to pay the full appointment fee.

10. NDIS Patients

Pollinate Health is not registered with the NDIS, which means we can treat self-managed and plan-managed participants.

Any additional administration time involved in your treatment may incur an administration fee in addition to your appointment fee. Travel time may also incur a travel fee.

11. Home Visits

Unless an alternative rate is agreed upon in advance, travel time for home visits are charged at our standard hourly rate plus $1.20 AUD per kilometre travelled.

Home visits on a Saturday or Sunday may incur a weekend surcharge.

12. Where sub-contract to you

When sub-contract to you for client appointments, you will be invoiced on the day of the client appointment.

Payment is expected within seven days of the date of the invoice. Prior approval may be obtained to extend the payment period to 30 days. Any extension of the payment period is at our discretion.

13. Legal and Collection Fees

Failure to pay within the agreed payment period may incur an administration fee of $125 and interest of 10% per annum, calculated daily.

All legal and collection fees will be added to the outstanding fees due.

14. Promotions and Packages

Promotions are limited to the stated service and time-period.

15. Returns Policy

Consumables such as slings, tapes, and bandages will not be refunded for health and hygiene reasons.

Items such as crutches, balls, foam rollers, and balls can be refunded or exchanged within 30 days providing they have not been damaged in any way.

16. Website Disclaimer

While we stand by the content on our website, it should not be viewed as a substitute for advice from a competent health care professional.

17. Changes to Fees and Policies

Our fees, services, and policies are subject to periodic change without notice. We suggest you check our website regularly to keep up to date with our current terms of service.

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