About our physio service

Advanced practitioners, outstanding physio care

Pollinate Health provides the community with outstanding healthcare.

We treat all types of musculoskeletal conditions, from simple to complex and long-standing.

If you need assistance with a condition that’s not responding to treatment; a second opinion or treatment for yourself if you’re a physio, GP or other healthcare provider, we’ve got the skill to help!

We are advanced physiotherapists with post-graduate qualifications and extensive practical experience.

This experience includes work in various hospital settings, private practice and government.

Over the years we have successfully diagnosed and treated hundreds of cases like your own.

You can see us via telehealth or in person, so book with one of our team today


Skilled at finding the source of your issue

Founder and director Jimmy Goulis has worked as a primary contact physiotherapist in two of Melbourne’s busiest emergency hospitals. He has assisted those with musculoskeletal emergencies including:

  • acute back pain
  • ankle fractures, wrist fractures and other fractures
  • dislocated shoulders
  • achilles ruptures and bicep ruptures
  • sprained ankles
  • fitting cam boots, fitting slings, fitting braces
  • fitting plaster casts

Our clinicians are skilled at diagnosis and treatment planning and understand the importance of using investigations like Xrays, CT scans, and MRIs when needed rather than just treating a condition blindly.


Thoroughly assessing your condition

At Pollinate Health:


We listen

We have time

We put our hands on you

We provide longer than industry-standard treatment times

Our goal is to thoroughly assess your condition and present:


Clear advice on whether you need a scan like Xray, CT, MRI, USS

A clear diagnoisis

A clear management plan

A clear time-frame for recovery

We also know when it’s time to refer you on to someone else. The Pollinate Health team has well-established connections with orthopaedic surgeons and other surgeons, sports medicine doctors, podiatrists, dieticians, nutritionists and other allied health professionals and can recommend the right specialist for your needs.

Promoting physical wellness beyond injury

We are passionate about helping you with recovery from injury and getting through rehabilitation so that you can get back to the things you love doing. Whether that’s gardening, riding Beach Road on a Saturday, tackling your local Park Run or reaching your daily step count. Beyond treating injuries we are also committed to helping you optimise sports performance and general physical health.

This can include:

  • strength training and exercise
  • recovery strategies like
  • adequate sleep
  • good nutrition
  • massage
  • stretching

The Pollinate Health clinic has been set up to support you in taking a holistic approach to healthy living.

Are you a health professional or referrer

Pollinate Health accepts general referrals. We also welcome WorkCover, TAC, DVA and NDIS patients.