Frequently Asked Questions

Our fees are as follows:

– Initial consultation (45 mins) $135

– Review consultation (30 mins) $115

– Extended consultation (60 mins) $195 (complex injuries, multiple areas of injury)

We pride ourselves on providing quality physiotherapy care for every patient. We allocate 45 minutes to your first consultation, 30 mins for every subsequent consultation to ensure your needs are addressed and quality treatment can be provided. If your needs are complex, for example chronic conditions or multiple areas of injury or pain, we recommend you book an extended, 60-minute consultation to ensure all your needs are addressed.

Yes, we offer pensioners, full-time students living independently, and healthcare card holders a 20 per cent discount. Please present your card at reception before your appointment. 

While Pollinate Health clinicians can treat NDIS participants, we are not yet a registered provider. If you can use our listed services under your current plan, we can provide a mobile, to-your-home service to offer tailored care and assistance to people with disabilities. We can also offer telehealth consultations where appropriate.


If you have a chronic medical condition, you may be eligible for services under a General Practitioner Management Plan (GPMP) formerly known as an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC). Care plans help you to replace ad hoc consultations with more long-term, sustained care for your condition. Your regular treating GP or team of healthcare professionals will need to prepare your plan, which allows up to 5 rebated consults per year.

This could include physio, psychology, dietetics and podiatry. Pollinate Health welcomes and supports long-term, consistent care for chronic musculoskeletal conditions. The federal government sets a maximum rate that they will pay per appointment of $58.30. This amount will be reimbursed to you by Medicare. 

From 1 January 2024, we will be charging a gap fee for visits for regular patients, this means that you will need to pay a small out-of-pocket fee.

Out-of-pocket fees for initial consultations is $135 – $58.30 = $76.70
Out-of-pocket fees for follow-up consultations is $115 – $58.30 = $56.70

 If you hold a pension card or healthcare card, you may receive a 20 per cent discount.

Yes, we accept WorkSafe and TAC patients. All of our practitioners are qualified to liaise with WorkSafe and TAC to expertly guide you through your rehabilitation and claims process. WorkSafe and TAC set maximum rates they will pay per appointment, which are below our standard rates. Pollinate Health, however, does not charge a gap fee, so you will not be out of pocket.


Please bring any scans, reports and referrals that are related to your current appointment. You can also email your scans to us at admin@pollinatehealth.com.au or send us an invitation to view to your online scans and reports.

Please arrive 10 mins prior to your first appointment. This allows time to complete a short, new patient questionnaire about your injury.


After the initial session, your physiotherapist will be able to give a clearer answer to this question. Once we establish your diagnosis and your treatment goals, your practitioner will provide you with a treatment plan. This will outline a clear diagnosis, expected recovery period and recommended number of sessions.

At Pollinate Health we are experts in musculoskeletal care, and we are committed to getting you better as soon as possible so that you can return to doing what you love.


Wear comfortable, loose fitting-clothing that is appropriate for the area that needs to be assessed. For most patients, this just means a comfortable t-shirt and shorts. You are welcome to bring a change of clothes and get changed onsite. We also have shorts you can borrow if you forget!


In Australia, physiotherapists can order X-rays. In most cases, these can be bulk-billed through Medicare. We can also refer you for USS (ultrasounds, MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computed Tomography scans), but these will not receive a Medicare rebate. If we do need to order a scan that does not receive a rebate, we will happily work with your treating GP or other medical specialist to work through this.

When it comes to scans, it is important to understand when they are indicated and when they are not required. X-rays and CT scans expose your body to radiation so people need to be aware of the risk versus reward.Knowing which scan is best for your condition is what we do best at Pollinate Health.

With our extensive emergency department experience we have extra training that allows us to understand the risks and benefits of each type of scan. Through our extensive experience we can help you make an informed choice on the best scan for your specific injury.


No, you do not need a referral from a GP or specialist. Our practitioners are qualified allied health professionals, which means you can visit them without seeing your doctor first. Some patients are referred to us via their GPs and specialists, but this is not required.