How to run your fastest marathon time with the 80/20 training plan


As a physiotherapist and a 2.31 marathon PB runner, I have learnt the hard way that the three laws of marathon running are: #1 don’t get injured. #2 don’t get injured. #3 don’t get injured. The 80/20 training plan allows you to run more mileage, train more consistently and have a greater chance of hitting a marathon PB.

What is Achilles tendinopathy? How is it diagnosed and managed?


As physiotherapist who has undergone surgery for my own Achilles tendinopathy, I understand the importance of early diagnosis and management. The biggest mistake people make is ignoring a grumbling Achilles. There are always early warning signs; just because you can keep training, doesn’t mean you should.

What to do when you have knee pain


The knee joint is a masterpiece of engineering and design. There are many different structures working in harmony to take us from A to B. But when things go wrong, it’s difficult to isolate the true cause of the problem, so seeking expertise in knee assessment and management is important.